TACC - Technical Assistance Coordination Center

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The TACC is hosted by the Academy for Educational Development in Washington, DC. We are located at 1825 Connecticut Avenue N.W., Washington, DC 20009. Our main phone number is 202-884-8215, our fax number is 202-884-8443, and our TTY number is 202-884-8200.

Michele Rovins, Director, 202-884-8210

Carol Valdivieso, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, 202-884-8204

Dana Holland, Ph.D., Evaluation Coordinator, 202-884-8969

Cynthia Glimpse, MS, Communities of Practice Coordinator, 202-884-8203

Susan Maclean, Resources Coordinator and PPAB Coordinator, 202-884-8180

Tamara Infante, Conference Coordinator, 202-884-8215

Todd Fisk, Database Manager for Discretionary Projects, 202-884-8302

Jeff Coles, Technology Assistant, 202-884-8483